Sitters Companion Adult Care Group Inc. was created by Barbara Bynum after 30 years of working in the health-care field and also special times of caring for her father who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. 

"My commitment to ensure that my dad had the best of nurturing care brought forth an insight to the tremendous need for elderly advocacy and elderly personal care.  I learned that the elderly sometimes depended solely on loved ones and caregivers to become their eyes, ears, and spokesman.  As their cognitive skills decrease and they are no longer able to perform these simple tasks for themselves, the responsibility becomes ours to ensure their quality-care, safety and well-being.  I enjoy spending time with the elderly and being there to offer my health-care services when the need arises."

At Sitter's Companion Care Group our Mission is to provide high quality compassionate services for older adults who want to remain independent and enjoy living a full life in safe surroundings.  Our goal is to respect the dignity and independence of senior citizens and improve the quality of their life and contribute to the prevention of depression.

We are committed to providing dignity and holistic health care services to meet community needs, alleviate suffering, and reflecting compassionate care for all persons.

Sitters Companion Care is: